Round-up of Interesting Links

The Uncomfortable Animism of Cars

These comics are hilarious. Heart vs Brain


Some important and interesting thoughts from a long conversation about miasma and the modern world

Everyday Struggles of Your Organs

The Need for Pagan Homelands: This article has caused some controversy, but I mostly agree with him. He has a blunt way of speaking that might have offended some (but I kind of appreciate that) and maybe I would have said homestead instead of homeland(s), but the point remains the same.

This is what San Francisco was envisioned looking like, according to a 1950 drawing

Gravestones from the Past were Way Cooler than They Are Today

Loki’s Path: the Non-Binary World

This pictures an artist takes of flowers spilling out of tea cups is unspeakably beautiful.

These botanical arrangements are really cool too.

Awesome article and video of a 3D reconstruction of Kleopatra’s face

Dionysos of the Fields and Vineyards

Some of these pictures are eerie.

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