PRODUCT REVEIW: Uni (Hera) Anointing Oil From Lykeia’s Botanica – 5 stars!

I really love to have ritual items and icons that were crafted by other Polytheists, because you know that love for the Gods were poured into it during its creation. That love and devotion has it’s own energy, and it helps to ensoul the items in question. As uni.jpgan animist that believes that most items are (or can be) ensouled, this is extremely important. Some of the most powerful religious icons I’ve ever had were paintings of my Gods created by a Polytheist friend. Actually, the same friend who created this annotating oil.

This oil, meant for anointing or blessing, is made by Lykeia’s Botanica. The oil I got is for Uni, the Etruscan Goddess Who became synchronized with Hera/Juno. The site describes it as a “Sweet cool scent with a slight warmth reminiscent of spring rain” and it is made of neroli, jasmine, clove, cedar, and ginger. The scent is very distinctive, but as I sat to write this review I realized I wasn’t sure I could use the correct words to convey differences in types of olfactory experiences. In a way its the same as wine tasting; it is always enjoyable but it can take time and experience to develop the required vocabulary and knowledge to do it well. In any case, here I go. I can smell the ginger hints in the solution. I had to sit with it for a while to try to think of the best words to describe it , and I think I’d say “crisp and clean, but luxurious”. I love it. I have not had the opportunity yet to use it in ritual to anoint my Hera statue, but I’m sure that She will be as pleased with it as I am.

This is a 20% dilution oil, so a little drop goes a long way. It can conceivably be used as a perfume or on the skin (and when I have touched it left my skin feeling silky), but I’ll be using it mostly for anointing and for other ritual uses.

FULL disclosure: Lykeia sent me a tester vial of oil (normally $9) for free in exchange for my honest review.

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