I love this hymn to Freyr ….. something about it is very striking.

Dances with Tricksters

The curve of a tree, weighed down by blossoms
is my favorite place to find you, one with the
roots, your antler curved like the branches,
hair the gold of yellow ochre fall leaf bower,
buckskin leggings the color of bark, green knit
sweater smelling like basalm, pine needle eyes
that open and shudder with morning grass frost –
I sat down with you in the grove, you showed me
how to become one with the trunk, the flowering
of Yggdrasil, Ratatosk and Nidhogg in their quiet
burrows – you are a part of that tree, Gebo light
as falling leaves, for the gift of the gods flow
down to Midgard, where we revel in the roots, god
and devotee, man and girl, my beloved Shining One,
your frith fruits with compassion, and your sword
was given for love long ago, and service is your
true name, to kindred kith…

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3 Responses to Freyr

  1. Allie says:

    Thank you so much Amanda! I really enjoy your blog and what you are doing for the pagan community. Watch out for my poem “Atlanta Aphrodite” in Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s upcoming Blood and Roses anthology and I will keep reading your lovely works!

    • Thank you Allie! I love a lot the poetry you post, but something made me want to share this one, and I can’t even put my finger on what specifically. I also have a few things in the upcoming Blood and Roses. I look forward to reading your poem in it! 🙂

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