March GMC Poetry: Facets of Hermes

Yes, I know, I’m more than a week late. I’m considering cutting the God of the Month Club down to two Deities a month instead of three. I’ll have to do some divination on that subject.

Facets of Hermes

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester


Many-named wanderer with sparkling eyes full of mischief

The longer that I know You

The more facets I find

Like a rare jewel elaborately cut

I can stare deeply deeply into it’s every face,

And never truly glimpse its core.

I think I glimpsed You in the woods

In the park in Indianapolis

When I offered to the Nymphai and

Cleaned up the trash left by disrespectful humans.

I know for certain it was You Who protected my brother and I

As our truck limped into Columbia, Missouri

We ran out gas two exits outside of the city,

On a hill’s steep incline, the engine died.

It should have been impossible to restart

Yet we prayed and gunned it,

And somehow we limped the last two miles to town,

As if the Protector of Travelers Himself

Was pushing the vehicle along.

I think I’ve seen You in the eyes

Of the homeless man on the street,

The beggar with the sign on the corner.

I offered him a few dollars, an offering to You

As much as to the human being before me who needed it.

I have heard the smooth intonations of Your voice many times,

(although I didn’t always want to acknowledge it)

In the persuasive argument from a person I didn’t like,

Who fought for a side I didn’t agree with.

I have felt Your Presence, Your magnificent spirit,

In the rising power of a magical working.

In all these places, and more, I have glimpsed You,

Only a few small facets of the Great God the Greeks named Hermes.

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