Selections from “365 Goddess”

March 25

Hilaria (Rome)


Themes: Love; Health; Humor; Victory; Strength; Relationships

Symbols: Pine; Meteorite Stone; Key

About Cybele: A black stone that personified this Roman earth goddess is credited with a successful battle against Hannibal. It this strength, especially in difficult relationships, that Cybelle augments in us as this month draws to a close.

Legend tells us that Cybelle loved a shepherd named Attis who went mad and killed himself. Cybelle, in distress, asked Jupiter to restore him. Jupiter responded by making Attis into a pine tree. Symbolically, this allowed him to eternally embrace Cybelle, with his roots in the earth.

To Do Today: Following the story of Cybelle and Attis, this festival begins in sorrow over Attis’s death and ends in joy. Today, laughter and fun activities are considered healthy. So, rent a good comedy flick, go out to a comedy club, or something that really uplifts your spirit. Your laughter invokes Cybelle’s attention and blessings.


March 27

Smell the Breeze Day (Egypt)


Themes: Air; Health

Symbols: A Pot; Turquoise; Musk; a Star; Wind; Cow Images

About Nut: This great Egyptian sky goddess bears a star-spangled belly that stretches over the earth like a protective atmosphere. Today she breaths on us with a late-March zephy bearing health and well-being.

Legend tells us that when Ra went to escape the earth, Nut offered her aid by becoming a huge cow who lifted him into heaven. When Nut found herself dizzy from the effort, four gods rushed to her aid. They later became the four pillars of creation – the four winds.

To Do Today: If the weather permits, I highly recommend a brisk, refreshing walk. Breathe deeply of the air, which has rejuvenating, healthy energies today. As you exhale, repeat the goddess’s name, Nut, and listen as she responds in the breeze.

Any type of wind magic honors Nut, and it is certainly fitting today (my note: I’d probably go with star magic, too.) If the wind blows from the west, sprinkle water into it for emotional healing. If the wind blows from the east, toss a feather out so it can return to you with healthy outlooks. If the wind blows from the north, sift a little soil into the wind to give fruitful foundations to a generating idea, and if it blows from the south, burn musk incense to manifest vital energy and a little passion.


March 31

Feast of the Moon (Rome)


Themes: All lunar attributes – Instinct; Creativity; Luck; Femininity; Water Element; Miracles (on a Blue Moon) — also Safety in Travel

Symbols: Silver or White items; Water; Moon Images; the number Thirteen

About Luna: The Roman goddess personifying the moon, Luna had the additional quality of being a protectress of charioteers, which in modern times could make her a patroness of automobiles!

While March came in like a lion, Luna escorts it out lambishly, with her soft, shimmering light. She is the full moon, which symbolizes the growing awareness developed this month, the fullness of loving emotions, and the charms and enchantments empowered by the silvery light of the moon.

To Do Today: Go moon gazing (okay, if it’s a dark moon, you’ll have to wait for another day). To encourage any of Luna’s attributes, recite this invocation to the moon:

Moon, moon, Lady moon, shine your light on me.

Moon, moon, Lady moon, bring ____ to me.

Fill in the blank with your heart’s desire. If possible, gear your request to match the energy in today’s moon phase. A waxing moon augments spells for any type of growth or development. A full moon emphasizes maturity, fertility, abundance, and “ful”-filment. Waning moons help to banish unwanted characteristics or shrink problems, and dark moons emphasize rest and introspection.

April 16

Ludi (Rome)


Themes: Rest; Pleasure; Nature

Symbols: All Flowers; Gardens

About: A Roman goddess of orchards and gardens, Pomona is symbolized by all gardening implements. Pomona’s consort was Vertumnus, who likewise presided over gardens. Together they embody the fruitful earth, from which we gather physical and spiritual sustenance. First fruits are traditionally offered to them in gratitude.

To Do Today: Public games in Rome were dedicated to taking a much-needed rest from toil and war. This particular segment of the festival celebrated the beauty of flowers before people returned to the fields and their labors. So, wear a floral- or leafy- print outfit today and visit a greenhouse or arboretum. Take time out to literally smell the flowers and thank Pomona for the simple pleasure it provides.

Make yourself a Pomona oil to dab on anytime you want to better appreciate nature or cultivate some diversion from your normal routine. Prepare this from the petals of as many different flowers as you can find, gather early in the day. Steep the petals in warm oil until they turn translucent, then strain. Repeat and add essential oil (fruity one for Pomona are ideal) to accentuate the aroma and energy you’ve created.


April 22

Festival of Ishtar (Babylon)


Themes: Love; Fertility; Passion; Sexuality; Moon

Symbols: Star; Moon; Lion; Dove

About: In Babylon, Ishtar encompasses the fullness of womanhood, including being a maternal nurturer, an independent companion, an inspired bed partner, and an insightful adviser in matters of the heart. Having descended from Venus (the planet that governs romance), she is the moon, the morning star, and the evening star, which inspire lovers everywhere to stop for a moment, look up, and dare to dream. Saturday is Ishtar’s traditional temple day, and her sacred animals include a lion and a dove.

To Do Today: Babylonians give Ishtar offerings of food and drink on this day. They then joined in ritual acts of lovemaking, which in turn invoked Ishtar’s favor in the region and its people to promote continued health and fruitfulness. If you’d like to connect with this fertile energy but have no bed partner, a magical alternative is using symbolism. Place a knife (or athame) in a cup filled with water. This represents the union of yin and yang. Leave this in a spot where it will remain undisturbed all day to draw Ishtar’s loving warmth in your home and heart.

If you have any clothes, jewelry, or towels that have a star or moon on them, take them out and use them today. Ishtar abides in that symbolism. As you don them, likewise attempt Ishtar’s mantle of passion for whatever tasks you have to undertake all day.


April 23

First Day of Summer (Iceland)


Themes: Summer; Kinship; Arts; Passion; Sun

Symbols: Sun; Gold; Hair

About Sif: This Scandinavian earth goddess has long golden hair that shines even more brightly now that the sun is reclaiming its dominance in the sky. On warm nights, especially in summer, she enjoys making love beneath an open sky in the fields (my notes: like Demeter and Iasion in the thrice-plowed field!), symbolically giving life and adoration to the earth.

To Do Today: People greet the traditional first day of summer exuberantly in Iceland, as winter has been very long and often very difficult. They exchange gifts wrapped in gold to celebrate the sun’s return, gather with family and friends, and revel in regional arts, especially dramas. A non-Icelandic version of this might be performing a ritual drama in which you slowly raise a golden sphere with trailing gold ribbons (representing the sun and Sif). Once the sphere is in full view, high in the room, say:

Sif, be welcome;

Sif is here.

She shines her golden warmth on us and the earth,

warming both, nurturing all.

Afterwards, try this Sif-centered spell for unity and passion at home: Have a small, enclosed fire source burning (this represents the sun’s blessing). Each person in your household then take one strand of hair and give it to the flame. As this burns, add dried lemon peel and basil to emphasize harmony (and offset the scent of the hair). Sprinkle the ashes in the soil around the living space.

April 28

Floralia (Rome)


Themes: Beauty; Sexuality; Love; Spring; Fertility

Symbols: All Flowers

About Flora: Roman prostitutes considered Flora their own goddess, protecting all acts of beauty, especially heartfelt lovemaking. She is also a spring goddess from whom we get the word flora, meaning blossom or plants. Symbolically, this flowering pertains to the human spirit too, one that can appreciate beauty in the body without necessarily making it into a sex object.

To Do Today: Wearing bright colors on this day is customary, as is decorating everything with plethora of flowers, each of which has Flora’s presence within. If flowers prove difficult to obtain or too costly, think floral aromas instead. Pull out a blossoming air freshener, light floral incense, or wear a floral perfume. Flora is as much a part of the scent as she is the petals, conveying love and passion on the breeze!

Another traditional activity for this day is erotic dancing. If you have someone special in your life, tantalize them a bit with slow, sexy movements. Let Flora’s passion fill both of you to overflowing, then let nature take her course.

Finally, make yourself a Flora charm that incites the interest of those from whom you seek it. Take three flower petals and tuck them in your clothing, keeping an image of your partner in mind, and say:

One for interest

two for Flora’s desire

three to light passion’s fire.

(my note: this brings up the ethics of casting a love spell on a real person, which is why I’d do it for an ideal partner, not a specific person)

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