Round-up of Interesting Links

Ancient Egyptian Stories to be Published in English for the First Time!! Cool!!

Head Coverings in Roman Tradition

Cats in Slavic Mythology

Really cool crafty ideas for reusing shutters around the house

Man sworn into his city council seat while holding Captain America shield. LOL awesome.

Ranking of Darkest Star Trek Episodes of All Time. Star Trek is known for being a positive view of the future, but sometimes they did address some of the darker parts of life, especially in DS9, with the Bajoran people having just survived a Holocaust-like Occupation at the beginning of the series.

This makes me sad. While I know why I ended up with practically no heirlooms, I’m sad and surprised that no one who has good relationships with their parents and grandparents wants anything. Even beautiful mahogany antique furniture is described in this article as “basically worthless”!! What I wouldn’t give for an antique mahogany desk or china cabinet!!!

The man who dresses up as his ancestors. This is a weird, wonderful, and unique way that this Peruvian honors his ancestors by recreating their portraits by dressing up himself as them, both men and women, and completely transforming himself and embodying them. It’s pretty cool.

This is pretty upsetting to me. Lots of big publishing houses hiring “sensitivity readers” to edit manuscripts. Have we really become so sensitive and thin-skinned as a culture? Another hurdle to publishing. Another reason to self-publish.

America really has 11 separate “nations” with entirely different culture.  Anyone who has traveled a lot could tell you this. Interesting article. It is promoting a book, which I really want to read. If anyone is wondering, I used to live in “Yankeedom” and now I live in “Greater Appalachia”. I couldn’t be happier. Like the article notes, people are self-sorting. They move to places that correlate to their values, where they feel like they belong better. I’m proud to be hillbilly now. A local newspaper one county over has a gardening column, 2 outdoor life columns, and now a new guy writing an off-grid homesteading column. IN THE REGULAR NEWSPAPER!!!! Oh yeah, this is where I’m supposed to be living.

Gods of the Celts

Pagan Power Seekers and Spiritual Abuse Red Flags. As much as we sometimes don’t like to admit it, no community is free from victimizers. Red flags to look for and keep yourself and loved ones safe.

8 more statues of Sekhmet found

Blood Crimes, Purification, and the Eumenides

A Pagan View of Suffering

On Making Space for the Gods: A Theology

Loki and Polytheism – Why do some Heathens eschew the worship of Loki, and even ostracize those devoted to Him? Basically it boils down to leftover monotheist thinking. It takes work to re-orient ourselves to a Polytheist worldview.

Polytheistic Theology, another thought-provoking post from Heathen Woman

Edible Landscaping is the Future of Public Space

The Language of the Etruscans

Temple of Bacchus that is the best preserved Roman Temple in the world

How different were Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian Vikings?

A Heathen Spring Ritual: Charming the Plow

Etruscan Warrior Prince turns out to be a Princess! 

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