Aphrodite Agon Entry 5

Linking to my submission for the Aphrodite Agon over at Lykeia’s blog …. Consider submitting some of your own work for Aphrodite or Hera!!

Beloved in Light

Laughter-loving Aphrodite by Amanda Forrester

Golden-skinned, full-hipped, heavy-breasted

Dances and laughs, loves and eats, drinks and plays,

Among the Halls of the Gods

Our powerful Lady of Love is named as an Olympian

But in reality She is a Force far more primal

Than the civilized generation of Gods She among

For Her birth was part of the saga of creation

Born from sea-foam and blood form the severed manhood of Father Sky,

Thrown into the primordial ocean by Kronos

Aphrodite therefore is older than the King of the Gods

And indeed She moves Zeus as She will.

Arisen from the sea, She came to drive the world mad with lust

And turn one’s heart to another in partnership.

She causes animals to couple and so the flocks and herds to increase

Likewise She is the Hunger for union in the higher species

The drive to abandon the safety of…

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