4th Submission to the Ares Agon

Galina over at Gangleri’s Grove is also running an agon, this one for Ares. Every one who submits gets a prayer card. There is literally no downside to submitting! And Ares is a God Who gets so little attention, please consider trying your hand at something for Him. I’m linking to my poetry submission. Enjoy.

Gangleri's Grove

For Ares
by Amanda Forrester

Ares, the blood-stained Battle-Lord, throws Himself laughing into the fray,
Wherever the fighting is thickest
There the son of Zeus and Hera will be.
Great Ares, once I would have prayed for You to put down Your sword
And join laughter-loving Aphrodite on the couch of love.
Today I have a different prayer, O Lord of soldiers.
I am older now, and less idealistic than I was in my youth
I see the rot at the core of society now
And I pray for the strength to fight it.

You are the inciter of revolution
And the defender of the old order, all at once.
I pray for discernment, that I may see what is worth preserving,
And what needs destroying.
That I can tell when to speak
And when to hold my tongue.

Ares, Lord of Hosts,
With my Lady Athena

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