Hi everyone.

I’m sorry I have not been present for the GMC this month like I should have been. At the beginning of February, my brother and I both got sick and were completely laid out for over a week and a half. There was a huge flu epidemic going around our state, the biggest we’ve seen in years. The rest of February has been spent taken up with some, uh, family issues that take a lot of attention and concentration. I can’t get into the reasons because my brother is very private about certain things, but it’s something that may take a few months to resolve. Prayer and energy are certainly welcome, however.

As as regular readers may have seen, I did post a few things for Isis, since the Gods for February were supposed to be Isis, Hermes, and the Celtic Goddess Mala Laith. Well, that didn’t happen. And since my brother’s hearing is this month, I doubt I’ll get much more done, and if I do it will certainly be only for one of these Deities, and one that I have stuff already written for laying around. So, I’m afraid I have to put the God of the Month Club on semi-hiatus for this coming month. I may or may not get around to posting some stuff for Hermes, but unfortunately, don’t expect a lot. Between everything going on, taking care of my brother, and my own depression and anxiety issues, I just couldn’t do very much writing, even when I sat down and tried to.
I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

I’ll try to get some good stuff out this month, I’ll repost good articles and blog posts  read, etc. But the posts for this month will most likely be less than I would like for them to be, so, just a warning.

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