GMC Poetry: Cry to Isis

The desert sands swirl about me

The realm of cruel Set envelops me

I am lost in the desert

No one hears my anguished cries

As the sands continue to blow

Stinging my squinted eyes

I cry out to You in desperation, O Isis

I cry out to You in anguish, O Isis

I have been betrayed by my friends, my confidants

As Your bother Set betrayed You.

O Isis, give me succor in my time of need!

Lead me to the oasis

For I cannot find it on my own.

I am parched, O Isis.

I am starved, O Isis.

I am lost, O Isis.

You appear to me

Long hair floating about Your shoulders

The staff of life in Your hands

Golden skin glowing, with the light of the Divine.

You are beautiful, unearthly so.

A kind smile plays on Your lips

You reach out for me

And I weep

Fearful that You are a mirage

Or an hallucination

Brought on by hunger and fatigue.

Your arms wrap around me,

Solid as the ground beneath us

Enfolding me in a Mother’s embrace.

Holding me tightly,

You fly, taking me with You.

We leave the desert behind,

And drift among the stars,

In the bosom of Nyx Herself.

I cling to You,

Fearful of falling.

But You will not let me fall,

O Isis, my Mother, my Savior, my Rescuer.

You give me wings

So I may leave this world behind.

We dance together

Among the stars.

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