Round-up of Interesting Links

Well friends, I’m sorry that I have been out of commission for a while. Missouri has had an epidemic of the flu going around, and pretty much everybody has been sick. Alex and I both had fevers of 102 degrees for several days last week. Even after our fevers broke and we got past the worst of it, we were still foggy-headed, achy, and weak for a while. I have just been able to start getting stuff done in the last couple of days. So I’m finally cleaning up the house, since when we are both sick the house gets pretty filthy, obviously. So I’ll start working on the God of the Month writing soon, but I may need to extend it to next month, what with being laid out for so long. In the meantime, I’m posting some of these round-up of interesting links.

Abandoned Wizard of Oz Theme Park Photos

The Slow Death of Vintage Skills

Dionysos and Anthesteria

Establishing An Ancestral Practice

Artists as Hoarders

A cool little map showing the homelands of every character in Homer’s Iliad. Every awesome.

Stunning Street Art that incorporates Nature

Cats Sailed the World with Vikings

Gods and Giants the Æsir and Jötnar

Muslim Women ask Western Women Not to Wear the Hijab in the Name of Interfaith Solidarity

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