Round-up of Interesting Links!

I’ve been working on Idunna’s God of the Month club post the last couple of days. I owe Her! I fell horribly behind and kept neglecting Her the last couple of months and just saying, “It’s okay, I’ll roll Her over into next month’s GMC.” But in the meantime, here’s a round-up of interesting links.


What is a God?

After Christmas, Anonymous Donor give $5000 to Dog Shelter, which Covers the Adoptions for Every Dog They Had

Sanctuary Of Asklepios Unearthed On Greek Island Of Kythnos

Uproar over over Lady Liberty being Portrayed as African American on New Dollar Coin – Oh, for fuck’s sake. As a Pagan who actually WORSHIPS Lady Liberty, I have no problem with Her being depicted as black. The Gods are beyond race! And for most the world, Lady Liberty is an personification, which is ALSO beyond race!

A Strange Way Ancient Greeks Named Their Puppies

Controversial Meme About Kids And Consent to Hugs That Is Dividing Parents (and I kinda agree with “kids get to refuse hugs, even to close family” people)

The Queen Looks Like She Cosplaying Classic Trek

The Skeletal Welsh Horse You Must Beat in a Battle of Rhymes

Cats and Death: A Very Brief Western History

Civilized Men in the Savage North – Or, Christian missionaries being really disappointed when the Viking Heathens didn’t torture, persecute, and kill them, because they wanted to be martyrs so badly!What a self-hating religion!

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