A Solstice Story

Burning Helios, the All-Seeing Sun,

Is dead.

He sleeps in the arms of Persephone this night.

The cold winds blow tonight.

The world belongs to Nyx, primordial Mother Night,

Who existed before even Gaia was born.

The cold winds howl,

And Odin mounts His eight-legged steed,

To lead the Wild Hunt, screaming through the darkness

With ghosts and goblins in His train,

Seeking out lost souls and wandering fools.

Demeter mourns for Her lost daughter, snow encrusted in Her hair.

But look! Over the horizon, a rosy light begins to beckon

Demeter lifts Her weary head

Is that Eos, leading Her brother up from the Underworld?

The world starts to awaken

A single songbird calls out his twittering melody

To welcome the Sun King back.

Precious Light returns to the world,

For Helios is reborn today!

The Long Night is over,

Every day hence will be a little longer

Hope returns with the Light

Demeter smiles,

For each day brings Her closer to Her daughters’ return

When Persephone Queen will become the Spring Maiden once again.

The darkness has fled,

And Bright Half of the year begins.

All hail,

Sol Invictus, the Invincible Sun.

Welcome back, Helios.

We praise You.

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