Io Saturnalia! A ritual

Sharing my Saturnalia ritual that I wrote years ago, but I still use the basic framework of this ritual when I have the opportunity to celebrate in groups. The ritual requires at least 3 participants, but can easily be adapted to accommodate more.

Temple of Athena the Savior

Yesterday was the first day of the Roman festival of Saturnalia, the holiday from which most Christmas traditions are taken. It was the most popular Roman holiday, and all business was suspended for the week. It was a time of celebration and joy, and also an upturning of the social order. More information is available here, here, here and here.

Below is a ritual I’ve written for the occasion. It is written for groups. There should be one priest or priestess, and a worshiper to be crowned the Mock King. Traditionally this person would be male, but at this time of role inversion, why not name a female King? If you crown a woman, don’t call her a Queen, but the King.

The Ritual

After closing your eyes for a moment and centering yourself, step forward to the altar.

Barley Offering

Sprinkle barley on the altar, SAYING:

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