Winter Solstice Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. After tomorrow night, the days will slowly get longer, the nights shorter. The dark half of the year will flee, and we will have hope and light to look forward to. On the 22nd, I’m planning on getting up early to watch the sunrise over my land, the first time that I’m going to be able to do that after the Winter Solstice. I’m going to make rooibos tea (African red tea) with my own dehydrated orange peels, both of which are associated with the sun, and when the sun rises over the horizon, I’m going to drink half of it and pour the rest of it out to the rebirth of Helios. I’m going to do this every year. Merry Yule to everyone to celebrates it. Let us ring back the light with a joyous clamor of bells and singing!

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1 Response to Winter Solstice Tomorrow

  1. Fny says:

    Merry Yule to you as well, or God Jul as we say up here!

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