Round-Up of Interesting Links

One sex-crazed Galapagos tortoise fathers 800, saves species

Pet Loss and Disenfranchised Grief

So Many Pets Survived Hurricane Matthew Because Shelters Took in their Whole Familes, instead of Turning Away Animals

Hair of the Ancient Romans

Judge in Argentina Rules that Chimpanzees Have Rights

Historic First Achievements this Election Day

How to Build Houses for Wild Bees

The Battle for Polytheism’s Soul?

Monotheistic Depredations Do Not Stop

Thoughts on Hestia being the “heart” of the Cosmic Order

Mindfulness, Spiritual Evolution, and Being a Good Person

Odin’s Love Travels: A personal Romantic Myth

Protect Your Library the Medieval Way, with Curses


2 thoughts on “Round-Up of Interesting Links”

    1. You’re welcome. I found that post very moving and I’m glad you shared something so personal. I have a dog named Thor, too, so that added a little more of a punch in the gut, lol. But I think this kind of stuff is very important to talk about.

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