Big Fundraiser for Special Series of Prayer Cards

Galina is running a fundraiser for a new set of prayer cards. I think it’s incredibly important to continue creating art for our Gods and bringing new icons of Them into the world. Galina’s prayer cards are an awesome expression of Polytheist piety. Please consider donating if you can.

Gangleri's Grove

Ok, folks, I’m reaching out for help for this project. I wrote the novena book “Honoring the Mothers’ (which will be available soon), because I kept feeling pushed by Hermes and Dionysos to do something for Their Mothers. Then I realized that while many of these women had cultus in the ancient world, we don’t seem to give them much attention today so I decided to expand that and divined on whom to include and the result was the aforesaid book.

I would like to commission prayer cards for each of these divine Mothers: Semele, Maia, Leto, Thetis, Metis, Alcmene, Leda, Danae, Pasiphae, Penelopeia. Grace Palmer has already done a lovely card for Maia, and I’m hoping that she will be able to do the others as well.

This means I need to raise – y’all sitting down ? — $3600, if I did the math right and minus what…

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