My internet was unexpectedly canceled on me. I have a hotspot, and the hotspot switched carriers without warning so that I didn’t have any signal. I never would have bought if it was on Verizon, because they don’t have signal where I live out in the sticks. We checked to be sure it was on AT & T, which it said it was. We got the hotspot, and it worked beautifully for a week. AFTER I paid for it, they switched from AT&T to Verizon.  Worse, they won’t admit it, and customer service says, “it never could have worked where you live”, when clearly it did for a while!!! Grrr.

When it stopped working, we figured we had used up all our broadband already, and bought more. But that wasn’t it. When we called customer service, they insist that it NEVER worked here, but it DID.


After a lot of arguing, they agreed to refund the amount we had just bought to refill it over the phone. But not the rest, even tho it supposedly “never could have worked at all”. So we spent $140 and only got $40 refunded.




I guess we should have just saved that for the truck. The month in poor decision making! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Well, I’m back to only being able to make posts when I’m in town. I might go to only studying 2 Gods per month, at least until we get REAL internet at home. It will make it a little easier to give Them Their due. Which won’t happen until we buy a new car and I get a part-time job. Yes, that is the unfortunate plan now. I had hoped to not get one, but it’s just gotta happen for a while until we get this place up and running. Maybe only 2 years or so. Wish me luck. Better yet, donate to my gofundme for my truck, or just share it, so I can even GET to a job. The more shares, the better. 

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