Elections, State Religions, and Dying Empires

Well, here in America, its Voting Day. In a few hours we’ll know who the new President is, and one way or another it’ll be a historic one, either the first woman President or the first reality-TV star President. For the record I don’t like either of them at all, but I’m actually not going to get side-tracked talking about or bashing either of them. And I should note that I reserve the right to not approve any excessively political comments that don’t address the topic of this post; this blog is not focused on politics and I usually make a point of avoiding subjects that are too divisive. This blog is dedicated to the Gods and Their modern worship, and I want our Gods, spirits, and heroes to be its focus. Politics is usually a distraction from what’s important, our spirituality and our relationship with the Deities. It is also a way to tear people apart and make them fight each other when we are really more alike than we think we are, and therefore damages our relationship with our fellow man as well.

No, I’m mentioning Voting Day for another reason. There was a time, not too long ago, that I was attempting to create my own American version of the State Religion of Rome. I prayed and sacrificed on Voting Day, invoking the protection of Zeus over the election itself. When the event was over, I prayed for the new President to rule wisely, whether it was the President I wanted or not. I burned incense to the daimon or genius of our President, asking that the Gods guide him and that he make wise and just decisions for the good of the country. I also made Inauguration Day and the State of the Union Address religious holidays. I don’t anymore. I’ve gotten bitter. I’ve given up on making an American State Cultus.

Over time I have become increasingly jaded and less political. While I still love my country, but I love the land and the people (kinda). I can’t really stomach anything having to do with the government anymore. Even a great deal of the people, sadly, have jaded me. Our entire western society has something wrong with it, something deeply sick at its core. Doesn’t this year feel like the world is whirling towards an apocalypse? Or at least something disastrous, like civil war? It seems like everything is falling apart. There were even some terrorists shooting people at the polls in L.A., several people were wounded and one died. This is why I live in the woods, folks.

Pray for us.

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