Good news/Bad news

Good News: after today, I should have internet at my house! Which is great because I have not been able to make it town lately (truck is still broken down. that’s the Bad News).

I’m extending the October God of the Month Club, again, into November. So I will still be studying Poseidon, Haides, and Idunna. Only this time I’ll still be able to make posts (thankfully!).

I’m getting an internet hotspot, so I may run out near the end of the month, but that’s still way better than I’ve had the last, oh, all summer long. I’ll probably not watch any videos at all, but that’s not really what I do on the internet anyway. In any case, I have to run because I have a lot of errands to run while I am in town (a friend drove me) but I’m posting to let you guys know to expect  posts more often now!

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