GMC Poetry: Haides Alliteration

This time I tried to come up with something for every letter in the alphabet. I got close. This poem has 22 lines. The only letters I didn’t get were b, f, x, and z. I need a real, old-fashioned physical paper dictionary and/or thesaurus. I might have done a little better then. I tried to cover both sides of this god, both the grim side and the “happier” side shown in the Mysteries. The number of words per lines varies in this one, although I stuck with a minimum of three, sometimes it seemed more wanted to come out. The hardest part was surely the last line, which I worked and reworked over and over until I felt like I got it as close to right as I could.

ancestral ancient ally

creating consolation [and] comfort

dragon [of] dreadful decay

entropy’s eternal emperor

grim ghostly god

hazardous haunted hall

independent irritable immortal

joyous journey [to] justice

khthonic king kidnapping kore

lonely lord [of the] lost

monarch [of] mining metals mysteries

notorious nighttime nuptials, not

only offering order, [but also]

postmortem pursuit [of] peace.

quietly questing [for a] queen,

ravishing romantic rebellion

she’s [a] savior soothing shades.

terrifying transformational threshold

unyielding underworld uncle

virgin’s valiant victory [into]

wise watcher [of] witches, who

yearly yields [her] youth [to] you.

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