GMC Poetry: To Poseidon

To Poseidon

The Earth-Shaker inhales
And the tides come in
The Holder of Earth exhales
And the tides go out

O Poseidon, you are the mightiest of the Olympians!
Your realm extends to cover three-fourths of the world
The only part of our planet still mysterious to man
Unknown, Unpenetrated,
Is the dark world beneath your waves.

Briny One of seaweed beard
What secrets do you hold?
You eyes are swirling pools of azure
You are the mighty, the terrible
And the merciful, the rescuer of lost sailors
You are the lover of Gaia
And earthy Demeter

Stallion-God, Poseidon Hippios
Expansive spirit of unbridled freedom
I hail you as well.
Poseidon of the Sea, Poseidon of Horses
I will remember you in another song.

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