October GMC

So a new month rolls around. Autumn is truly upon us now, and so too is another round of the God of the Month Club. The Gods from the Neos Alexandria pantheon are Haides and Poseidon, and the God from the Other category is the Norse Goddess Idunn/Idunna. Its interesting that both Haides and Poseidon came up in the same month. They are the other two Deities of the Big Three of Sky, Sea, and Underworld in ancient Greece, the Sons of Kronos, with Zeus having the rulership of sky, of course. Zeus, being King of the Olympian Gods, gets more attention than His brothers. But this month, we are going to focus on the Lord of the Sea and the Kind of the Underworld. Idunn, or Idunna, is the Goddess of Youth, and the keeper of the apples that keep all the Norse Gods young and vital.

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