GMC Poetry: Kybele alliteration

To challenge myself, I decided to write this poem with 5 words per line instead of 3. Just that small change made this poem much, much harder. Not only does it get harder to think of words that all start with that same letter that fit the theme, but it gets hard to evoke the correct image without connecting words like “of”, “and”, “in”, etc. It was fun, and I like the result, but I think for most of my alliteration poems I’ll think with 3 words a line, its much simpler.

avenging agdistis‘ ambiguous asian almond

battle’s bloody bold boisterous birth

[a] child conceived [from] castration, conquering cymbals

dancing deeply [in] darkness, defender [of] dionysos

ecstatic expedition [from] east [to] embracing empire

lusty leopard-loving latin lady

magnificent mountain mother [of] mystic madness

phrygia’s primal pagan prophetess purifies

rheia’s rustic rites remembering romance

trojan titaness transformed [by] torchlight temples

wild woman watching [the] western world

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