September God of the Month Club

So the September God of the Month Club is looking very interesting. The two Gods from the Neos Alexandrian pantheon are Demeter and Kybele. I’m very glad that Demeter came up, because I am working on Her chapter right now in Journey to Olympos, my book about worshiping the Hellenic Gods. Although I understand Her intellectually, I have not had hardly any personal experiences with Her. But I am now endeavoring to live the agrarian lifestyle of a homesteader, so I need to get to know Demeter in a much more intimate way. Plus, the Eleusinian Mysteries were historically celebrated this month. Another sign that these Gods are not just coming up coincidence, but there seems to me to be Something guiding the studies.

The third God for September is also the second Orisha we’ve had so far, Osumare. Osumare is also spelled Ochumare, or Oshumare. Osumare is the Yoruba Orisha of the rainbow, serpents, cycles, and transformation. This Orisha is apparently androgynous and spends part of the year as a man and part as a woman. I’m not sure if transgender is the right term to use here, perhaps intersex is better. In any case this looks like the first truly gender variant Deity we have studied yet. I seriously hope that I can do Him (?) justice. So, should be quite intriguing, looks like there could be lots of really fascinating stuff to learn this month! 🙂

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