GMC Poetry: To Ganesh

I sing now a hymn to Shri Ganesh

Called also Ganapati, or One-Tusked Ekadanta

The great elephant-headed God of India

Who I have never honored before.

Ever-Blissful, Son of Parvati,

Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Good Fortune

Gentle Ganesha hears all prayers directed His way,

For He is the bridge that connects all the paths of Hinduism,

And is even revered by Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, and others with no allegiance.

The love of Ganesh knows no bounds,

For His belly contains the entire universe.

Attended by the mouse, Lord Ganesh celebrates all the pleasures of life

God of Learning is Ganesha, the source of letters and knowledge.

He is the sacred AUM, the resonance of all life,

Who dwells within all beings, in the base chakra, at the survival level, the chakra of LIFE.

Hail to Shri Ganesh, Vinayaka, son of Shiva, Great God of India!

May Your worship flourish for another 3,000 years.

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