GMC Poetry: To Ereshkigal

I sing now of the Great Queen of Irkalla

Goddess Who dwells in pregnant darkness


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Ereshkigal of the razor eyes and inflamed heart

Oft-forgotten sister of bright Inanna


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Ereshkigal, Who rules in brilliant blackness

In the howling abyss

Where hungry spirits thirst for blood


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Dread Lady of hidden secrets

Of earth, of bone, of blood and filth –

And of tears. Most especially of tears.


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen



You are the Great Mourner, Who weeps for all whose lives are cut short before their time.

Infants who never knew life, soilders who died while still young men and women,

Those cut down by disease and violence.

You cry out for them all, for the world is not fair.

You know this keenly.


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Oh Ereshkigal, most ancient of the ancients

Reviled Goddess of Mesopotamia,

Who is older than the written word

Though I shudder at the thought of You,

I recognize You are necessary.

Your power is awe-inspiring, and fearful, too.


Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Mighty Queen of the Underworld,

I will remember You in another song,

You Who meet all at the end of their days

Fearsome Queen

Corpse Queen


Remember me when I come to meet You.

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1 Response to GMC Poetry: To Ereshkigal

  1. Adonya says:

    Yas, yas, YAS! Love this poem!

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