Appeal to the Gate-keeper Gods

I wrote last month about how I was thinking about adopting P. Sufanas Virius Lupus’s idea of using prayers to Wepwawet, Hekate, and Janus at the beginning of rituals to open the way for the other Deities being honored and to protected to sacred space. It has the added benefit of being another way to make my practice more Greco-Egyptian, instead of just mostly Hellenic with just a little bit of Kemetic flavors thrown in. It really was a great idea and I wanted to do my own version of it, but still give Lupus his due (check out his blog here). Of course, it will only apply to big rituals and not to simple, daily prayer type stuff. Thought I’d share what I came up with.


I hail first Wepwawet, the first Gatekeeper

Shape-shifting son of Ra, to Open the Way.

PRAYER FOR WEPWAWET (hymn by P. Sufanas Virius Lupus)

Where there is no path,

he will make one.

When none may pass,

his strong arm guides

May you go in front

to make the way clear;

May you go in back

to shield from all harm.

May you be at my side

to place my feet

on roads of rest.



I hail now Hekate Triformus, the second Gate-keeper

To welcome Her to our ritual.

Lady of the Crossroads, Mistress of Hounds

Threshold-crosser, Boundary-walker

Goddess of magic, clad in spider-silk

I entreat You, Khthonic Maiden,

Protect this space from all evil influences

Lady of ghosts, with ghosts in Your train

Keep this circle pure of unfriendly spirits

Of any Being that would cause me harm and disrupt these rites

Way-walker, wolf-woman, to Whom the dark moon belongs,

Clear the way for the other Gods we are calling here today/tonight.



I hail also Ancient Ianus, the third and last Gate-keeper

Double-headed God of Italia

Guardian of the door, protector of the home

Who lets no evil influences encroach on the threshold

Two-formed, all-seeing

Who gazes in both directions

To Whom the future, as the past, is made clear

Come to me, keeper of keys, and make the way clear.

Pater Janus, I honor You as the third and final Gatekeeper,

May You make this place sacred for my ritual

And drive away all evil spirits.

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