GMC Poetry: To the Living Bull

I sing now of the living God of Egypt

Fair Apis, Strong Bull of His mother

Beautiful Soul of Ptah

High of horns, the virile

Herald of the Nile’s flooding

Who carries the sun-disk between His horns

And bestows the strength to rule on the Pharaoh

Gentle protector of children,

But fierce defender of Egypt

Oh, to smell the sacred breath of the Apis!

To be in the presence of so great a God!

Great and powerful is the living Apis!

But even more powerful still is the deceased Apis

Who joins with Osiris, Bull of the West

And carries the soul of the faithful

To the Field of Reeds

Son of Hathor, Who wears the menat-necklace

Great, great is the soul of Osar-Apis!

So great that even Greece and Rome continued His worshipers

And although the modern children of Egypt may have forgotten,

The soul of Apis continues to inspire new worshipers on the other side of the globe

Hail to the Living Deceased One, The Great Bull of Heaven,

Apis the Living Bull of Egypt!
Em hotep!

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