A Hymn for the Vertumnalia

I told you I tend to write these a little bit late. Anyway.


Lady of the Apple, Protector of Orchards and Gardens

Fair ruddy-cheeked Pomona, I pray to You now

She Who carries the pruning shears

And Whose skirts are filled with gathered fruit

May You always be welcome in my home and on my land

Bless my soil and my trees

That they may continue to bear the fruit needed to feed my family

Beautiful bride of shape-changing Vertumnus

Protect my orchard through the coming winter

So they may blossom again in the spring

When Your sweet sister Flora begins Her yearly dance of flowers.

I offer You a portion of this year’s bounty,

Beauteous Pomona and Mysterious Vertumnus,

So that You may bless my farmstead,

And I may continue to offer to You again as the years cycle on.

In the names of all the Gods of Greece, Egypt, and Rome,

May it be so.


Leafy Vertumnus of wilds.

Shape-changing Etruscan God, I hail You on this You sacred festival day.

As summer draws to a close, we harvest the earth’s bounty,

The gifts You and Your bride grieously bestow.

Bridegroom of orchard-loving Pomona,

You change Your shape as the land changes with each season

(Or so I think is the Mystery at the heart of Your story).

Fair Vertumnus, Your union to Pomona

Is a marriage of wild Nature with tame agriculture

Together, Etruscan Vertumnus and Pomona of the Orchards,

You are Truly a Blessing for mankind.

May we always remember to honor you.

In the names of all the Gods of Greece, Egypt, and Rome,

May it be so.

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