Wrap-up of the June/July GMC

Well, this GMC ended up being longer than it was supposed to, because of life stuff getting in the way during June. But I think it turned out to be good “month”, even if it was twice as long. I think Anubis and Odin got way more attention than Wepwawet, but since I’ve decided to adapt P. Sufanas Virius Lupus’ idea of offering prayers to the 3 gatekeeper Gods at the beginning of Greco-Egyptian rituals, I may get to know Him better.

Odin is, I think, the only God that I’ve studied for the God of the Month Club that I’m going to try to continue to build a relationship with, if I didn’t already have a practice for Them anyway. I’ve thought about how to integrate Bes (from the first month of GMC, here) into my household worship, which is something I’d still like to do at some point, but I’ve yet to actually pursue it. But a few days ago I started to put together an altar for Odin. I don’t have a lot of room in my cabin loft, but I didn’t want to squeeze Odin onto my main altar. I’m starting something new, with a new God Who I don’t know. I don’t know how He’ll share space with the other Gods on my main altar, either. My Greco-Egyptian practice is mostly tried and tested by now, and the Gods on my main altar have no problem sharing it. (or so far don’t seem to, anyway.)

But I want Odin’s altar to be just for Him, for now at least. Perhaps eventually He’ll share it with other Heathen Deities, I don’t know. I have an figurine of Thor and one of Loki, but I don’t think Odin would mind. They are His son and His blood-brother, after all. For now, though, it’s just Odin, because I want to try to build a real connection with Him .I don’t have an image of Odin. For now I’m using a book about wolves, with a gorgeous photo of one howling, and a tarot card from the Tolkien Tarot and Card Game depicting Gandalf the Grey. The main feature of the altar is a large sword laying across it, which was a gift from a friend. I’m also planning on starting an Odin reliquary box, which is described in Galina Krasskova’s Whisperings of Woden: Nine Nights of Devotional Practice. Eventually I’m also planning to make my own rune set when its time to trim the nut-trees on my property, since according to A History of Pagan Europe, runes made from branches were usually from a nut-bearing variety. I have both oak and hickory on my land, so my runes will be made from one of those. I haven’t decided which one yet. I’m excited when I think about embarking on this journey, but also very nervous I have very little context for this. I have so much to learn, this is not my forte at all.

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