GMC Poetry: To Anubis the Shaman




By every name that You have been called

I hail You

As Your sharp eyes can pierce the deepest blackness

May I see what You see

As Your keen ears detect the subtlest vibration

May I hear what You hear

As Your nose picks up the faintest scent

May all my scents be heightened.

Anubis, Opener of the Way

Open the door inside my mind

Open the door inside my heart

Open the door inside my soul

May the scales fall from my eyes

May the doors of perception be burst open

May I be made aware of the invisible world around me –

Of the spirits that surround us at all times,

The Gods that walk the earth,

The nymphs and genius loci, the vaetiar and faerie,

The restless dead and those-who-have-no-names.

May I sense and see the numinous all around,

And partake in the mystery that passes others by.

Anubis, Opener of the Way, Guardian of the Necropolis,

I hail You under a guise, a new incarnation –

I name You the Keeper of Secrets and God of Shamanism.

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