GMC: Wepwawet and Gate-keepers in Ritual

I was flipping through P. Sufanas Virius Lupus’ book Devotio Antinoo, and I found something relating to this month’s GMC that I’m thinking of adopting into my personal practice. In the public rituals of the Ekklesia Antinoou begins with invocations or prayers to three gate-keeper Gods, one each from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Deities in question are Wepwawet, Hekate, and Janus. I found this to an elegant way to bring together the regional aspects my religion together in ritual. Even if the rest of the ritual only honors Gods from one pantheon, its a beautiful reminder than my religion is based in Alexandria, in this Greco-Romano-Egyptian tradition. I haven’t done it yet, but I really like the idea.

I’m also going to include Lupus’ invocation to Wepwawet, included on page 111 of Devotio Antinoo, also published on page 23 of the Phillupic Hymns.


Where there is no path,

he will make one.

When none may pass,

his strong arm guides

May you go in front

to make the way clear;

May you go in back

to shield from all harm.

May you be at my side

to place my feet

on roads of rest.



Lupus’ blog can be found at Aedicula Antinoi .Check him out, he’s a cool dude and has a lot of fascinating, well-researched information available.

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