GMC poetry: To Anubis

I offer a prayer to the King of Night

Attendant of Isis, haunter of graveyards

Anubis, far-walker

Your presence is heralded by the howling

Of wild dogs in the distance

Those lonely scavengers, Your children

Furtive shadows dancing

On the periphery of the Necropolis

Eyes bright, ears peaked

Ever alert, the hunters of the desert

Are the jackals and dogs You patronize.

You are the Lord of Ghosts, also

Venerable ancestors who watch over their family line

But also the lonely shades who wander the world

Those sad, faded creatures who have lost their way

The forgotten dead for whom no wine nor honey is poured out to.

You, Anubis, are the Wild One

Born in darkness

You live by moonlight

Only Great Isis can tame You

For Her You are gentle

You cease Your growling when She approaches

For Her, and only Her

Are You tame as the dog which lies at my feet even now.

Sharp-eyed God, Who reigns in brilliant blackness

I think I prefer You wild

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