June GMC extended due to Life Shit

So, it’s been exactly one month since I posted, not counting this morning’s poem for Odin. I’m sorry I fell off the face of the earth for a while. My laptop finally succumbed to its concrete-inflicted wounds and died the True Death – its not coming back. So I had nothing to write on ā€“ still don’t. I’m going to have to make my posts from the library in town for a few months until I can replace it.

But the big news is that in the last week of June, one of my dogs, Thor, was bitten by a snake, most likely a copperhead. It was extremely venomous and we were not sure if he was going to make it. Thankfully, we got him to the vet in time, and he is young, healthy, and strong, and also 40 pounds. Smaller dogs don’t have much chance, and he was bit twice, once on the throat and once above the eye. For a few days wasn’t sure if he would make it. The hole in his neck is still healing, and it’ll probably never grow hair again, but I’m just glad he’s alive. So for a few weeks a lot of of my free time and worry was taken up by taking care of my baby. He was tired and sick for a long time. But now he is back to acting like his big, dumb, happy, self. I’m so relieved. I’d be devastated if I lost either of my pups.

In any case, because of all the chaos, I decided to extended June’s GMC into July. I don’t think June’s Gods got the attention and posts They deserved. So, we are still studying Anubis, Odin, and Wepwawet. Oh well, I guess it gives me and Odin a little more time to get to know each other!

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