GMC: Wepwawet

Hail Wepwawet,
Shape-shifting son of Re
Opener of Ways, War-God,
He Who carries the sharpest arrows
Jackal-headed and clad in armor.
Are You the One called Anubis,
The other canine Deity of Aiegyptos?
With Him You share the duty of guiding the dead
And with Him You share the deepest secrets
Of the Seen and Unseen worlds.
Perhaps You are a brother to the mighty Son of Osiris
Or a distant cousin
For jackal-headed Anubis is black as the night He haunts
And You are brown-furred, or gray
Perhaps a wolf, or a coyote
Rather than a jackal.
I do not know if You are my Jackal in another form
Or a friend of Anubis, a member of His pack.
Either way, I hail You Wepwawet,
In whatever form You prefer,
And offer to You
Bread and beer, red meat and incense.
Hail Wepwawet!

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