GMC poetry: Hail Anubis

Hail Anubis, Opener of the Way

Black Dog of Egypt, Weigher of Hearts

Son of Nephthys, son of Isis

Liminal God, way-walker

He Who dwells in the Necropolis

At the edge of daylight

Where shadows dwell

Fearlessly You stride

Into the dark of night

What have You to fear

In the cold night’s depths?

For You are a Son of Night

Lord of Ghosts

Master of all that dwells in the wild night

You are worshiped in the howls of jackals and wild dogs

You run wild with Your children

Leader of the Pack

You watch over all who are lost and alone

You find the abandoned soul

And lead it home

To the comforting fire of the tribe

While You lurk just outside the circle of firelight

O Anubis, guardian of the lost, I will remember You.

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