Prayers for the fourth of the Lunar Month

I wrote this prayer for the fourth of the lunar month, if anyone if interested. In the Athenian reckoning, it is sacred to Hermes, Aphrodite, Eros, and Herakles.


On this most sacred day of the month, the fourth day of the moon’s waxing,

I come before my altar to sing the praises of four mighty Gods Whose power is felt is all corners of the world.


Hermes, Laughing God, Trickster from Kyllene, You especially have become dear to my heart,

So I will honor you first.

O clever son of Zeus, You are known to many as the God of Commence and Protector of Travelers, but You are so much more! Wily Hermes, You are a liminal God, a God of transitions and transformations, of passing from what-was to what-will-be. You are the God of boundaries – though no boundary can hold You.

Silver-tongued Shepherd, Luck-Bringer, may you be welcome in my home and in my land.

Accept this offering as a token of my esteem.


I praise also the Golden Goddess, Foam-born Aphrodite, whom all poets love,

Born from the sea-foam of Ouranus’ severed manhood, the primal spirit of lust

Aphrodite, You are truly more primordial the Olympian Deities among Whom You makes Her home.

You move man and beast alike to mate, the irresistible urge to continue the species.

But Lady of Love You are also, of gentle and innocent smiles, of grace, of beauty, the charity of selflessness and the flowers of spring.

Your gifts are more than the ecstasy of sex and the joy of love. For You reign supreme over all the pleasures and joys of the world!

Daughter of Sea and Sky, may my life always be full of Your radiance.

Accept this offering as a token of my esteem.


Eros, golden-winged, Son of the Lady of Kypress, this day is sacred to You as well.

It is You who lets fly the gold-tipped arrows of love at Your Mother’s behest,

And the iron spears of hate.

Curly-haired and rosy-cheeked, a beautiful boy on the edge of puberty, yet You are a

Powerful and primal paradox, for despite being born to Golden Aphrodite,

You have existed since the beginning of time, for it was You who caused the love of Ouranus and Young Gaia.

Winged Eros, May you cause only love to enter my life.

Accept this offering as a token of my esteem.


Today belongs also to lion-hearted Herakles, son of Zeus,

Mortal-born God of courage, the strongest and greatest of Heroes,

You are closest to mankind, for you began us one of us!

You, Mightiest Son of Zeus, show us the way to spiritual ascension.

Bless me with the strength and perseverance to meet any challenge life may throw at me.

Hail, Herakles, son of Zeus, Who wears the lion-pelt.

God of Strength, God of Heroes, May I achieve but a faction of Your greatness.

Accept this offering as a token of my esteem.

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