Posting is going to slow down for a few weeks …

Okay everyone, I feel like I have to give you guys a bit of a warning.

I usually try really hard to post new content at least three times a week. Well that’s most likely not going to happen for the rest of this month. I’m super low on gas and I still have not found a part time job, so I am getting by on just my SSI. I will still do the writing and research for the God of the Month Club, but it’s all going to posted at once (or twice) instead of spread out over a month, and it might be a bit late, too. I can only afford to come back into town maybe two more times this month, and I have specific errands that’ll need to be done at those times. Its unfortunate, but this just can’t be avoided right now. I live 10 miles from a “town” of about 200 people, but 30 miles from a town with a fast food place where I can sit for a few hours and take advantage of their Internet. That’s 60 miles round trip. Yeah, I’m *that* far out in the sticks.

Our current plan is to have satellite internet installed on the homestead in July. We JUST got electricity out there last month. Its slow going right now and there are a few other priorities that HAVE to be taken care of first. I’m very sorry if this causes any kind of inconvenience or disappointment, but it’s the way it is. Hopefully I’ll be able to budget a little better in June, but if not, I should have internet at the homestead by July anyway. Which believe me, I am REALLY looking forward to.

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