Round-up of Interesting Links

But firstly, a correction to the Freyja post I made in March’s GMC. I, like many, many others, have made the mistake of saying that Freyja is the leader of the Valkyries. It is such a common misconception in the Pagan community that I didn’t double-check it when I wrote the article. My bad! About a week ago, Galina at Gangleri’s Grove posted Freya is NOT queen of the Valkyries, alerting me to my mistake. I think it’s important to admit when I’m wrong, especially when it comes to something as important as my religion and the information regarding it that I am putting out there. So, there you go, I am officially correcting that. Freyja DOES collect half of the battlefield dead, which may have caused some of the confusion, but She is NOT the leader of the Valkyries.

Correcting Common Misperceptions: Freyja the Valkyrie

Reverence Towards the Gods

A Defense of Sacred Kingship


A few of these next articles and posts are regarding the role of discernment in mysticism. One of the problems a modern Pagan faces getting into the mystical side of their religion is figuring out how to tell when you are having a spiritual experience and when you are having a conversation with your own subconscious, or how to tell a God from a spirit masquerading as one. Our Western culture doesn’t have much of a context for this kind of thing, and most Pagans I know are self-taught, meaning we are approaching this without the guidance of elders, teachers, shamans, and an unbroken line of traditional spirit-work.

Exploring Pagan Discernment

Apart from the Crowd




Okay, yeah, this last one isn’t Pagan-related, but I’m a huge Trekkie, and it’s interesting, so I’m posting it anyway. US Judge asked to recognize Klingon as real language

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