April GMC wrap-up, May GMC

Well, I did not do as much as I wanted for Oya this month. Since Oya is from an entire different system, and I know so little about Yoruba or Voodoo tradition, I was intending to seek out an elder to interview about it. I obviously didn’t get to that. I’ll either do that the next time a African God comes around, or just when I get to it and post it whenever.

I know have not posted since the 17th, and I’m sorry about that. I really try to upload new content about three times a week, at least. But my brother and I made one last trip to Indiana/Michigan, to pick up a few last things and wrap up my last business in the area. Even more exciting, one of my close friends come back down with us to stay for a week, and another friend will be joining us in a few days. They are going to help us clear brush, chop down trees, and if we have enough money and time, do some building projects like an outhouse, an aviary and a goathouse (hopefully, not sure if we’ll be able to do all of it, we obviously want to have fun with our friends, too).

Anyway, to wrap up April’s GMC, I found this beautiful picture portraying Oya, and thought I’d share.


It comes from a series done by a photographer using human models, based out of Atalanta. Check them out here, they are all pretty impressive and super gorgeous.

In lieu of an interview with an elder, here are a few interesting articles about modern Voodoo.

5 Voodoo Stereotypes That Won’t Die – Help Me Kill Them!

Avoiding Appropriation and the Perpetuation of Privilege

In any case, the GMC for May is Hestia, Ma’at, and White Buffalo Calf Woman. Which is perfect timing, because Neos Alexandria’s Hestia devotional is open for submissions until June 1st. Keep writing people, spread it far and wide, and get those submissions in! (No, I am NOT going to stop plugging it!)

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