GMC Poetry: Khnum

Hail to You, Green-faced, Ram-headed one!

Great Khnum, Divine Potter, Most ancient of Gods!

From the mud of the Holy River Neilos You bring forth life

Your deft hands work upon the earth, shaping it upon Your wheel,

Turning it from black goo, into a living creature

Into a human, an animal, a God.

You are the Principal of organization in the Kosmos,

Earthy God, rooted in the art of Craftsmanship

Gentle husband of Satis, She Who Runs Forth Like An Arrow

Nourisher, It is You Who Brings the Indulation

Through union with Your wife, You create Anuket, the Lady of the Nile

She Who Embraces the Fields with Her holy waters –

The three of You are the Holy Triad of Elephantine

The Holy Family, Who create all life.

Father of magic are You also, for Your child by another Goddess

Is great Heka, the frog-headed.

Tireless one, may You continue to mold me on Your potter’s wheel

To whatever suits Your purpose

Help me to see the final form I am to take

And the role I am to play

In this great and beautiful universe.

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