GMC Poetry: Khnum II

Khnum, Ram-horned God, I sing

The creator of form

He creates the endless variations

Of human bodies, in the clay of His potter’s wheel

It is You, gentle Khnum

Who first gives us life

And places us in our mother’s bellies.

You are the Principle of organization in the Kosmos

For You transform from one form to another

You are the Heavenly Craftsman

Hephaistos by another name.

You are the force which brings the unthought to be

Who conceives of many great things

Inner creativity made manifest in the Physical Realm

You are an earthy God

A Deity of grounding and rootedness

Connection to all life, to all mankind.

For we are all formed on Your wheel

And when the end of my days in this body comes

– As it will come for all mortals  –

You will craft for me a new form

A new body, for a reborn life.

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