GMC Poetry: Hathor

Hail to the Cow-Eyed One

Joyful Hathor, Beloved of all the Gods,

Divine Midwife, Nurse of Horus.

Great Hathor, you are more than the Lady of Love

Golden One, You are the Mistress of All Good Things

Lady of Cheerfulness, Goddess of beer

Lady of Beauty, Mistress of Myrrh

You dance in the Temple precinct

Shaking the sistrum, in time to the rhythm of the drums

Delighting the suppleness of Your body

For movement and music are sacred to You, Goddess of Joy in all Forms.

You are the Brilliant One in the Sky

The House of Horus, Who shelters the Sun

You are the Great Cow

Who nourishes the world.

You are the Universal One,

Nebet Nuhet, the Lady of the Sycamore

Who provides cool water from Your breasts to rejuvenate the dead

And Who shelters the soul in Your branches, before the spirit’s rebirth.

You are Goddess of miners also,

Mistress of Malachite, Lady of Turquoise,

She Who wears the menit-necklace

The sacred turquoise stones.

Lady of success, Goddess of wealth,

I am aware that these precious stones are not merely sacred to You,

But are a piece of Your spirit embodied.

You are the Mistress of Strength, too

The Feline One Among Women

For You are the gentle face of Sekhmet

Mistress of Terror, Whose Fire is Great,

Eye of Ra and Hand of Atum

Who Defends Her Father from Those Who Rebel Against Him,

You are Healer and Destroyer both

The One of Numerous Aspects,

Great in Divinity.

Golden Hathor

You are the Powerful One in Dendera

The Powerful One in Edfu

The Powerful One in Rolla, Missouri

The Powerful One in All Her Names.

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