Rolling with the Punches on the Homestead

So, the plans for the Derksen cabin did not work out. Turns out they can’t deliver a 32 x 12 building across our little rickety bridge, the delivery contractor does not think it would make it. Opps. Thankfully they give a full refund anytime before delivery if you cancel or they can’t bring it for some reason. We’ll have to go with smaller buildings. They can get the 10 x 20 ish buildings over the bridge without a problem (my neighbor has two from them). But this made reexamine what we were doing. We may have jumped the gun a little bit. The larger cabin, while awesome, would have really made our finances very very tight.

Before we had decided on the last cabin, we had considered a number of configurations. One of the arrangements was to get a bunch of small buildings and arrange them in a circle facing inward to private clearing/courtyard.  The cabin that is already on the property will still be the workshop, but we’ll get smaller buildings for different “rooms” or functions and arrange them in a circle like the pioneers circling the wagons. I think having a separate building for an office and writing studio will make it a lot easier to for me to get work done, too. I get a lot of my best writing done when I get out of the house and take my laptop to McDonald’s and get away from distractions. I think if I have a completely separate building for a writing studio, it’ll really help. It’ll signal to my subconscious when I go into that building that its “work time”.

As it is, NOT getting the new cabin means that I’ll be able to get electricity turned on next week or so, as soon as we get the refund check. There is a pole on our property, with two outlets. The old cabin is not wired yet, but we recently bought a 100 ft RV-style extension cord, so we’d be able to run it from the pole to the building. That will make a huge difference. We’ll be able to charge our electric tools without hooking them up to the car, which means that we’ll be able to get lots more work done on the property. Electric tools with no electricity is a bit of a problem. I’ll also be able to put my desktop computer together, which is also good, because I’m pretty sure that my laptop is on its last legs. Back in January I dropped it on concrete a couple of times, so I knew it was a goner eventually, I’m just glad it’s lasted this long. But it’s starting to screw up more often and some of the pieces of the keyboard are actually coming disconnected, and whenever I open it you can briefly see the electronics on the inside. Yeah, it’s not good. We’ll also be looking into getting satellite internet soon. The refund check should be enough to cover the starting fees both the electric and the internet. Paying the monthly bills will not be hard, but the are always start-up fees and deposits and stuff that makes things hard to start when you are really poor. Then, in the first week of May, we will probably be able to order the small cabin.  I’m probably going to order off the lot because I don’t want to wait a whole month again for a custom one. So, hopefully, that’ll work out this time, that’s the current plan anyway!

In other “Rolling with the punches” news, our truck is beginning to have serious issues. I had another job interview on Monday, and on the way there our truck overheated, the radiator cap blew off, the fluid overflowed, and smoked went everywhere. had to wait on the side of the road for it to cool down, and then limp to Walmart to buy distilled water and radiator leak plug stuff. I to call the place I was interviewing and tell them that I would not be able to make it. It was humiliating but I think it was better than just not showing up, maybe down the road sometime they will need someone else again and remember that I handled it professionally instead of blowing them off. I hope so. With my anxiety, just calling them to call them what happened what freaking nerve wrecking. The good news is that even though it was gushing like an artery, after two or three bottles of stop-leak, its fine. But for a few days I was terrified that the truck was going to die on us.

As soon as we get internet, Alex and I are going to try to start making money online. Driving around costs us a lot, and the job applications and the few interviews I’m getting aren’t going anywhere. We don’t need to make a lot online to make this work, since I already have SSI as some income to cover the basic bills we already have.

We are taking advantage of all the community resources we can find. People here are so much nicer than in Michigan and Indiana. There’s a great food bank here where we actually got ground venison from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Missouri is one of the states where if someone accidentally hits a deer with their car, the meat is harvested and given to food banks for poor people. Some people won’t take it because its “road kill”, I guess, but I think it’s great to make sure that none of the meat goes to waste. If the animal has to die, I think it’s respectful to use it. Besides, it’s always fresh when harvested, it’s not one that been sitting on the side of the road for days. One of the differences between the culture here and of Michigan/Indiana is that people don’t make you feel ashamed to be poor. There are a lot of resources for help, but they actually treat you like a person instead of a criminal or a number, and that’s just as important as the actual help that you get. We’re meeting people and starting to get established. Sometimes it feels slow, but it’s going. It’s good. Things are happening, they are processing, and I’m happy to be here.

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