Call for Submissions: Devotional for Djehuty and Set

Interesting that Set and Thoth are sharing a devotional. I didn’t know they had a special connection. I’m going to have to do some research. Original call here.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for A Silver Sun and Inky Clouds, a dual devotional in honor of Djehuty (Thoth) and Set (Seth). Submissions open 1 March 2016 and close 1 August 2016, with a projected release date of Autumn 2016.

The editors are interested in a variety of material, including but not limited to: prayers, rituals (devotional and/or magical), hymns and songs, oracular pieces, essays and scholarly works (with citations), visual artwork (minimum 300dpi), short stories (limit 5000 words), plays, recipes, and new translations of ancient and public domain works.

In your work, consider:

Djehuty (Thoth, Jehuti, Tahuti, Thout), our beloved ibis-headed Lord of Wisdom and bridegroom of Ma’at, God of arbitration and mediation, magic, law and order, writing, science, the moon, time and the Underworld;

and Set (Seth, Setekh, Sutekh), everyone’s favorite long-snouted Byronic champion of truth, the God of the red desert, storms, (dis)order, power, violence, strength, protection and combat, sexual vigor, and reconciliation.

Djehuty’s role in the Hermopolis cycle of myths;
Djehuty’s many forms and epithets;
Djehuty’s interaction with his consorts Nehemtawy (Horit), Seshat, and Ma’at;
Djehuty’s place as the originator of Hermetic thought;
the appearance of Djehuty in modern pop culture, such as films and literature;

Djehuty and Set’s syncretic acts in which one becomes the other;
Djehuty and Set’s team activities, e.g., in their role as the Divine Avengers, or as the keepers of the Divine Laboratory;
Djehuty and Set’s roles together in the Contendings (and other myths of the Osirian cycle);
Djehuty and Set’s roles together in the Pyramid texts;

Set’s roles in the Heliopolis cycle of myths;
Set’s many forms and epithets;
Set’s interactions with his consorts, his spouses (his wife in her many forms) and lovers, such as Nebthet (Nephthys), Hathor, Neith, ‘Anat, and Astarte;
Set’s interaction with his (possible) children, e.g. Anubis and Maga;
Set’s place in early Coptic Gnostic Mysticism as a vehicle for salvation from evil;
the demonization of Set in late Egyptian history and theology;
the appearance of Set in modern pop culture, such as films and literature.

Submission Form: Word document or .odt file pasted within the body of an email or as an email attachment. PNGs for pictures, please, minimum 300dpi.

Please put THE DIVINE AVENGERS on the title section of your email, so we know that you aren’t just sending us love letters.

Rights: Worldwide, non-exclusive for print book and e-book formats (contributors retain all rights to their work except to retroactively remove their work from the finished product — we will not issue recalls for already sold material);

Contributors:  Will receive a .PDF copy of the book for personal use and a coupon code to purchase three print copies of the book at-cost. A permission form will be sent out to all selected contributors once the book is ready for initial assembly; the permission formmust be completed, or the work will not be included.

Email: (Intaier), (Ash)

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