Call for Submissions: Ares/Mars

Bibliotheca Alexandrina is seeking submissions for Dauntless, a devotional anthology in honor of the Greek Ares, God of War and his Roman counterpart Mars, Father of Rome. Submissions will open 1 January 2016 and close 1 June 2016, with an expected release date of early Summer 2016. This anthology is being edited by Rebecca Buchanan.

The editor is interested in a variety of material, including but not limited to: prayers, rituals, hymns, essays, visual artwork, short stories, plays, recipes, and new translations of ancient and public domain works.

In your work, consider:

— comparing/contrasting Ares and Mars;
— the relationships between these two Gods and other Deities in their pantheons, especially Athena, Minerva, Aphrodite, Venus, Nerio/Nerine, Zeus, Jupiter, Hera, Juno, and Quirinus;
— the offspring of Ares, such as Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia, and many others;
— the offspring of Mars, such as Romulus and Remus; and Mars’ role as a founder/pater of Rome;
— the triad of Jupiter, Mars, and Quirinus;
— the ancient cults and cultic sites of Ares and Mars;
— reconstructed and modern cults and rituals;
— the Gods’ areas of interest and influence beyond the battlefield, especially Mars’ link to healing, agriculture, and peace;
— analyses of specific myths featuring Ares and Mars;
— the appearance of the Gods’ in ancient literature, and modern literature and cinema;
— exploration of syncretic practices and Deities, such as Mars Nodens; and the differences/similarities between Ares, Mars, Tyr, Nergal, and other Gods;
— the relationship between Ares and the Amazons, and, by extension, ancient and modern women;
— the place of the planet Mars in astrology, divination, omens, and so forth.

Multiple submissions by the same author are acceptable, and all contributors will retain original copyright to their work. Previously published material is also acceptable, provided the author retains the original copyright. All contributors must complete a permission to publish form prior to publication or their work will not be included in the anthology.

Absolutely NO plagiarism. All work must be the original work of the author or include proper citations where necessary; the preferred citation styles for this anthology are MLA or APA. Title pages and abstracts are not necessary. Any work that has been plagiarized will be excluded from the finished anthology.  The editor reserves the right to make minor changes to formatting, spelling, and grammar if necessary. The editor also reserves the right to request modifications of submissions or to reject submissions as necessary.

Artwork must be at least 300dpi. Send all submissions in the body of the email or as .doc/.rtf, or .jpg, attachments. Please send all questions or submissions to the editor at All contributors will receive a coupon code which will allow them to purchase up to three (3) copies at cost. No monetary compensation will be provided. Proceeds from all sales will be divided between charitable donations in honor of the Deities and production costs for future publications from Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

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