Glorious Ma’at

Glorious Ma’at, Pure and Divine

Crowned with the ostrich feather

Goddess of all virtue and goodness

Lady of Justice, Queen of Truth

Tangible force of harmony

Enforcer of right order

Ma’at, Queen amongst Goddesses

Overseer of the right and just order

Of both Gods and men

She holds at bay chaotic Isfet

And reigns over the righteous and goodhearted

Glorious Ma’at, spread Your feathered wings over this land

Bring peace back to the White House

And justice back to our courthouses

With Your Scales of Truth

Weigh the hearts of our leaders

May they be found light, unburdened by the guilt of sins

And when my day comes and I journey west

May my heart be found as light as Your feather

Lady of Justice, Weigher of Truth,

Dwell within me forever.

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