GMC Poetry: Khonsu

Khonsu, Light of Night

Most Powerful

Son of Ammon-Ra

And Mother Mut


Khonsu the Terrifying

Who lives on hearts

Consumer of Gods

Who helps the Pharaoh absorb Their power


Khonsu the Wanderer

Guide of Night

Who rides the crescent moon

Across the sky


Khonsu the Animator

Who causes cattle to conceive

Women to be made fertile

And all lungs to be filled with fresh breath


Khonsu the Healer

Gentle God

Bane of disease

Who drives out demons


Khonsu Pa-ir-sekher

He Who Provides

He brings forth the rains

That nourishes the seeds


The Bull of Night

The God of Life


Great and terrifying

Gentle and sweet

All these things and more, You are

And I praise all Your faces,

Baboon-headed, Falcon-faced

Mummy with the sidelock of youth

Khonsu, accept this humble offering of words

And I will sing for You another song.

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