Round-up of Interesting Links

I have not had as much chance to leave the homestead recently, and since I am lacking internet out there currently, I’m afraid that I have been neglecting this blog more than I would like. So I decided to post a round-up of interesting links (the first one I’ve done since 2012! Whew, I fell off the blogging wagon for a while, didn’t I?!)


The Wild Hunt interviews the woman who started a new Hellenic Temple in Washington, DC, Theophania, dedicated to Athena and Apollon


Sannion’s thoughts on the challenges to the practice of the Pagans and polytheists who are pushing for deification of David Bowie. Fascinating read that pertains to ancestor worship, hero cultus, etc.


Galina discusses “The Politics of Sacrifice”, or what it means for Paganism that Christians so demonized the core Pagan rite that even many modern Pagan distance themselves from it.


Melia processes thoughts about the different forms of the Agathos Daimon


Asherah, Part I: The lost bride of Yahweh


Galina shares some information about the Roman Goddess Pietas


Ten Noble and Notorious Women of Ancient Greece. I was aware of about half of the women on this list already, so of course I was excited to find out about a few that I had not heard of yet!


Okay, I know, this is three links to Galina’s blog in one round-up. She’s awesome, okay? And she’s been covering a lot of interesting subjects lately. I’m totally not cyber-stalking her or anything. This post is about God-bombing, or filling our public spaces with Divine Presence and shrines. Check it out.


I’ve been doing a lot of research on Nephthys lately, working on some submissions for jewelofaset’s devotional to Her. Already had one poem accepted, actually. Anywho, thought I’d share some of the cool info I’ve been reading.


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6 Responses to Round-up of Interesting Links

  1. Sashataakheru says:

    FYI, that Sannion link is borked. Which is a shame, because I was interested in reading it.

  2. Heretic says:

    Reblogged this on Fools that men adore.

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